Sunday FUN-day!⭐️🌟🌟

Our Sunday blog is brought to your by our very own Jess!

Heyyyy everyoneeee
It’s Jess coming at ya to wrap up the weekend!
Shout out to my friends and family!! Love and miss everyone! Hi Mom and Ella!!

Last day of the weekend before we’re back to work. This morning we woke up at 7am and had breakfast per usual. Then we packed into the back of a truck and headed to kayak through mangroves.

The tide was low so we couldn’t loop around all the way but it was actually really cool and Tara, Mariah and I got a cool handstand photo on a sand bank! While we waited for the truck to come and take us back we played a big game of mafia. DONT TRUST ANYONE. It’s always the one you never expect. cough cough Sofia

Came back and had lunch and then Sam taught us a new board game it got really intense too but really fun. Then we headed down to the beach! It started pouring towards the end of the walk and we still ran into the ocean. It’s honestly so incredible living a 5 minute walk from the beach.

After jumping off the pier and a final swim we headed back and had dinner. I’m currently sitting on some big rocks with a bunch of us chatting, we watched the sun set on the water and dip past the horizon. As I write this I can smell Shannons dirty pee wafting up from below. Sam taught us that Ursa Major is the same
as the Big Dipper/Saucer.

Can’t wait for this next week to start because were soooo close to deploying the pods!!

Happy Sunday!!