Sunday FUN-day

Last weekend day before we get back to work! Today was pretty relaxing…

After breaky some scooted off to the beach, other vollies played cards, some played with the kids, and some just hung out and napped or read. Pretty easy and relaxing morning. After lunch, the open water divers went out for a skills dive. The dives were decently short and summed up some of the skills the divers have already learned. When the vollies were out of the water, this afternoon, they were covered in kids…kids hanging off trees, limbs, backs, you name it! The volunteers enjoyed socializing and playing with the adorable kidlets that are in our village!


This evening, we had a beach bonfire! We carted some of the wood that was collected for garbage burning and brought it down to the beach behind the house. It took quite a while to light the sucker, but with the large lung capacity of this group we had it burning in no time! Fire dances were done to ensure long, strong burning (just kidding), songs were sung, and jokes were made. Great end to a relaxing weekend. I think we should all be refreshed and ready for work in the morning!