Sunday Funday!

Hi family and friends! Krystal here again. Today was a relaxing, lovely Sunday. Everyone was able to sleep in and enjoy breakfast. We then headed for an hour long jungle trek to a beach resort. The views on the hike were breathtaking. You could see mountains and the oceans.

By the time we arrived at the resort we were so hot we headed straight for the ocean. We enjoyed the western food, most of us had burgers but Joanna ate a whole fish, including the eye balls! The resort had a tall water trampoline, it was a challenge to climb to the top but once we did, it was front flips and back flips off of it. But also was hilarious to see everyone slide off or fail miserably climbing it.

We spent the whole afternoon at the resort then headed back to have dinner at our village. Abby arrived back with our new volunteer, Courtney! She made it over from Siem reap to help us out for a week.

Tonight we’ve got an exciting game of charades planned! We’re also going to head down to coconut beach to see the bioluminescence again!

We’re back to hard work and scuba diving tomorrow! Miss all the families!

Photos coming tomorrow sorry about the wifi!!