Sunrises and sad goodbyes.

I couldn’t believe that when I woke up at 5am this morning, the group were already awake and ready to walk to coconut Beach. We had all planned on watching the sunrise together the night before, but the Cambodian people know how to party and there was lots and lots of dancing the night before, which tired us all out.
But I guess, not enough! We all left super early and walked at a quick pace to get there just in time. And woweee, it was an incredible sunrise. Our last one together on our beautiful island paradise. We all sat on the jetty and watched the sun rise while reminiscing about all the adventures and memories we have shared over the last ten days.
We walked back to the house together, to meet up with the other four who had enjoyed a sleep in, to all enjoy pancakes before leaving the island.
Once we had packed and ate, we all went on the boat back to Sinoukville, all tired and exhausted and a little bit sad that it has come to an end.
The boat ride was a bit rocky, but a lot of us napped and snooze and enjoyed the waves.
We all had lunch together in Sinoukville, and then we got a bus back to Phnom Penh. I think everyone is happy to have air-conditioning again, and wifi haha. But the bucket showers and squat toilets are going to be missed!

Such a beautiful sunrise to share with everyone.

Allie, Ryan, Andie, Courtney, Olivia, Flo, Katelyn and Kate all waiting for the sun.

Goodbye to our beautiful home.