Survivor: ROV edition

Well fam, we’ve made it to the island! Today was a pretty full traveling day – every single volunteer made it on time for our 6am breakfast, and we hit the road soon afterwards. A mini van, tuk tuk ride, and ferry trip later, it was just after 5pm and we finally arrived to our dream destination!!! The travel time was quite long, but we kept each other laughing and busy with games such as two truths and a lie to help each other get a bit closer (although Michelle switched up the game, giving us two lies and a truth…) as well as plenty of sing-a-long ocean-themed songs and trivia… Did you know the TV show Survivor was filmed on this set of islands FOUR times? I also tried to convince the volunteers that Jurassic Park was filmed over here as well, but I don’t think they all believed me… I know at least one was convinced, and that’s enough for me!

Our dive instructor gave us the low down for the next few days so that we can start to knock our PADI certifications out of the way and begin working on our building project (we will be putting the roof on a water catchment ROV has been working on building, allowing clean water access year-round for the communities here) as well as getting our coral reefs in the water! So much is going to happen over the next two weeks, but for tonight… We have STUDYING to do! Even though school is out for the summer, our dive instructor Kylie has given us plenty of homework for the first night.

Wish us luck, especially over the next few days as we work on getting our certs!






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