Monsoon season has blown in, putting a bit of a wrench in our activities… Yikes! (Okay, not a REAL monsoon, dont worry! But rainy season is definitely here on the island.) Just after lunch, a huge storm blew in, rain coming into our pavilion sideways, and some tin roofing even blew off a nearby hut! No worries, everyone was safe and inside- although no one escaped from the storm dry. Good thing we’re on a tropical island and basically live in our swimsuits 😎🌴👙


Yesterday morning STARTED dry, sunny and a bit hot – one dive group set off to finish skills testing while my group set to work carrying immensely heavy bags of bricks and sand and cement… Parents, you have some strong kids! Heavy rain started midway through the morning, cooling us off but also getting in the way of cementing bricks to build the framework of the roof.

Luckily, the afternoon group set up a tarp over part of the catchment, and we were able to start work! Rain was still coming, but everyone powered through (the afternoon dive group joined the cement fun after finishing) until dinner time and we got such a good amount done! We’ll have to rush through work over the next few days and hope the weather starts to cooperate with us in order to finish, but I have complete faith we can get it done since every single volunteer here is amazing!


Probably the best part of the day was completing our skills, meaning that we are now TECHNICALLY CERTIFIED!! (Our dive instructor Kylie said he’ll finish all our paperwork at the end of the week that way he can continue to watch our diving over the next few days, but that’s just a technicality!) I’m so so so proud of everyone for all of their studying and scuba work over the past week. Good job all!! The golden boys who already had their open water licenses (Ryan Daniel & Tom) have a few more skills tests before they finish up their advanced open water certs, but that should finish soon ☺️


Until tomorrow,