Today marked our 5th day of diving drills. There’s a lot to learn and practice before we head out to plant our reef pods next week. After our diving lesson in the morning, we spent the majority of the day de rusting these recycled metal pods, and painting them with apoxy. A sweaty, dirty job that not even the saltiest ocean water could clean!


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boarding the boat for a diving lesson



Another project we worked on today was collecting garbage bins from around the village and emptying them into the covered trash basin next to the incinerator. Again, a very sweaty, dirty job… But these guys did it without a single complaint, and they rocked it! It felt good to return empty trash bins to the villagers. We’re showing them just how simple it is to collect their trash and dump it in one spot. The community is picking it up, especially the kids! They love following us around and helping us on our tasks around the village.



Tammra finally made friends with the salamanders!

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Justin & Tammra, also a very sweaty/rusty duo

We finished work early and a group of us girls decided to hit the beach for a few hours before dinner. A nice way to cool off in an absolutely beautiful setting.



Jessica and Cristian carting a big load of trash back to the incinerator, with a little help from some friends



TGIF! We’re all ready for the weekend!



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