The adventure begins

This morning half the group was here, awake bright and early ready to start the day. We all enjoyed breakfast together and got to know each other before the group left to explore the Russian markets.
I headed off to the airport to meet Alana and Austin. We had a great first tuk tuk together just talking about Cambodia and getting to know each other. We arrived back at the hostel and all had lunch together.
I headed back to the airport while the group decided to tour the royal palace.
Sarah, Connor, Mauricio and Sofia all arrived at the airport around the same time, so we jumped in the tuk tuks and headed back to meet the rest of our little family.
They were still adventuring when we arrived back, so we decided to explore the markets as well. Sofia and Sarah got some pants, and then we explored all the different types of shops. We even found one with handmade rice harvesting tools, and wooden instruments. Even a Khmer history book made out of bark. It was quite fascinating.
It was about time to meet the others, so we arrived back and all had dinner together, some of the group were pretty tired so they decided to get a good night’s rest before the big day planned tomorrow. The rest of us went for a walk along the Mekong river all the way to the night markets.
Mauricio, Austin and I all bought flutes, of course we did it just so we can provide the group countless hours of beautiful melodies while we are on the island.
Today has been a long day, so Im off to sleep for now. Stay tuned for our travel day to the island!

Connor, Sarah, Sofia and Mauricio all super excited to finally be done with their long flights.

Adrian, Austin, Jackson, Rachel, Alana, Lauren, Genesis hanging out at the Royal Palace with some locals.