Castaways: Day 1


First off, let me apologize for the lack of a blog post yesterday. We had an Internet breakdown because, well, we’re on a remote island. But we are up and running now and good to go! Unfortunately though, I’m still unable to upload the AMAZING PICTURES we’ve taken so far. But have no fear! We’re working on it and the second our connection is strong enough I’ll do a photo dump for everyone to enjoy!

Im so excited to announce that all of our volunteers made it safe and sound to Phnom Penh, and we arrived at the island of Koh Rong yesterday (woooo!).  The 6 hour bus ride followed by a 2.5 hour boat ride definitely took a toll on us, but it all seemed to fade the moment we pulled up to the dock and got the first glimpse of some of the floating houses. This place is nothing short of beautiful.

Today we got straight to work on our PADI scuba diving certifications. I’m happy to say that so far, everyone is on track!! By this time tomorrow if conditions are well, I may be able to present to you the newest 17 divers on the island.

After spending several hours on bookwork, we learned how to assemble our gear and got the basics of diving theory under our belts. We ended the day with a 200 meter swim that everyone had to complete to move on, and guess what? Yep, you guessed it, EVERYONE PASSED!!! We’ve got such an amazing group of hard workers. I can’t wait to see this work come to fruition over the next two works.

In a few days time, we’ll get to work on our land project: buidling a vegetable garden. The 8×8 meter garden will help supplement the usual diet of those who live on the island and will be a HUGE step towards combating malnutrition.

As I sit here winding down the night, I’m pleasantly interrupted every few minutes with uncontrollable laughter from the game of ‘Cards Against Humanity’ the volunteers are fiercely focused on. I can’t help but think these are some of the moments we will all remember best.

It’s only a short time before we finally begin our dives and continue work on one of the largest man-made coral reefs IN THE WORLD! But until then, it’s back to studying…after a few more round of cards ;).

Pictures will follow soon, I promise!

Much love,


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