The last Days on the Island.

The last two days of program. …

These two weeks went by incredibly fast, it’s seems like just yesterday we were all strangers and here we are about to part ways as a family. It really is a surreal moment looking back at everything we were able to accomplish and all the friendships made with the locals. I’m sure I can speak for everyone when I say this is something we’ll never forget. Thursday morning it’s time for work! There’s a difference in the temperature though, throughout the night the wind really picked up and gave us an incredible breeze. We get straight to work and finish up the last 3 bays of the water enchantment, and what an incredible feeling knowing this is going to help supply fresh water to the villagers throughout the year. So with our project done and lunch now over we now had free time to do with as we please! As soon as we finished lunch we walked over the hill to paradise beach where the waves were humongous!.  We had a free day of swimming, body surfing,running, jumping, and hanging out under the coconut trees surrounded by the white sand. The term “picture perfect” really doesn’t do this beach justice.  Feeling hungry we make our way back to the village where we do a little split in groups with some going for showers and a couple of us going towards the volleyball courts to watch the locals play.  But little did Cooper know that anytime relaxing around the kids will always turn into play time. Just sitting there minding his own business, and all of a sudden he was jumped on by no less than 5 kids all covered in charcoal trying to wipe it off on him.  Once  he handled his business and took on half the village in arm wrestling we went to go meet up with the rest of the gang just in time for food.  With a quick eat and even quicker showers all the kids were all ready and waiting for us. We all took turns teaching tonight going and reviewing old things and learning some new. Getting towards the end of the hour all the kids wanted to do the dance again! So with a quick review and all the volunteers spread throughout the kids we started the cha cha slide! Jasmin brought a bunch of presents to hand out to the kids who were beyond excited for seeing koala bear toys and we then all gathered round for group pictures.  What a better way to spend the rest if the night then hanging out and talking at the Inn and reminiscing.

Friday morning has come, and it really starts to hit that we really do have to leave. With our last breakfast of rice and veggies and saying our last goodbyes we set off for the mainland.  Not only did we get our PADI licence, but I think we have a case for adventure sailing as well. With sunny skies and and nice breeze we begin sailing through waves like pirates of the caribbean. Joking , laughing, and the occasional shriek no longer trying to stay dry and just embracing getting the occasional splash of fresh ocean water. Honestly, after the crazy past 2 weeks we had there could be no better send off.

But it comes to an end when we land grab some lunch and head off on a nice quiet bus ride back to Phnom penh. We arrive back at the okay guesthouse and go straight for dinner and hoping to find some shopping markets.  After dinner it’s off to the night markets with a nice stroll back down the Riverside street where we end up back at the accommodation. Ill be saying my final goodbyes and taking the volunteers to the airport tomorrow, so they’ll see you soon!!


Thank you so much to all of you at home who kept up with our work and adventures via the blog! Even though you’ve been a part of our journey, I know they still have lots of stories and memories that they’ll share with you when they’re home.
Although this project is over, we continue to support the children, schools, families, marine and environmental projects year round. If you want to continue to support these projects we would greatly appreciate any contribution to the Reach Out Volunteer Charity. 100% of all donations go into on-ground projects to continue to support these communities when volunteers aren’t around.

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 Now for most of the photos that were unable to be uploaded through out the week. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN…
Protecting our bags from getting wet.
Which left no room for Cooper and I
Last sunset with Indie and Stan Leereceived_10208274898860085[1] received_10208274899300096[1]
Cooper taking on the reigning arm wrestling champ
Dont turn your back on me when i have a bucket full of water
Final Day with the after noon off at paradise beachreceived_10208274922540677[1]
laying the pods down
final teaching night with the Kids!!
Oops repeat lolreceived_10208274975622004_-_Copy[1]
Difference between a sanded down with apoxy coral pod and not —–>received_10208274975582003-1[1] received_10208274975101991-1[1]
Deep Dive!!received_10208274974581978-1_-_Copy[1] received_10208274974381973-1[1] received_10208274974701981-1[1] received_10208274974221969-1[1] received_10208274922660680_-_Copy[1]