Thursday fun! 😎

Greetings from Koh Rong!

Thursday on the island was another fantastic day. We started off with some sand hauling, a mighty task that everyone excelled at. There are 17 people and we will be making two coral pods per person, that’s 34 coral pods with 4 cement feet for each pod, that’s 136 cement feet!!! A crazy amount of sand got hauled over for that this morning, and it was still smiles and laughs the whole time. We devoured our lunch and then walked over to the beach in the afternoon for some more diving fun. Everyone’s been doing great at their scuba skills the past few days, so the group got to do their first “open water dive” and descended to 15 feet under water!

We enjoyed some french fries or “chips” at the local beach restaurant before heading back to the village for another delicious homemade Khmer dinner.

Afterwards we went back to the ocean, which required some hardcore parkour to walk over some giant rocks on the coastline. The rocks were still warm from the sun that day, so we lied down on them, under the full moon and the clear night sky to watch some of the most magical stars ever. It was a great ending to a great day.

Can’t wait for tomorrow.




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