Time to celebrate!

Today was our last day on the island. And boy, did we end it with a BANG!! We woke up quite early today to do our last dives and place the coral pods under the ocean. First one group had to unload the coral pods and cement feet onto the boat, while the advanced divers started the deploying the first coral pods. While they were down there, tieing the pods together to create a new coral reef they got to see anemone fish, Clownfish, conesnails, stingrays, breal, goatfish and wrasse.
Next the second group went diving, the water was murky so it was hard to see in front of each other, and Kalli ended up going for a little adventure with the coral pod. She ended up finding the group again and got to tie the last pod on for that group. Lastly, the third group went diving to finish the newly created coral reef. Tianna, Lexie and Allie, also went on a little adventure with the cement blocks, they got to see an eel on this adventure which made it all worthwhile and ended up finding the group to tie the last two cement blocks. While all the other dives were going on, the rest of the group all took it in turns to finish cleaning up the beach. We ended up making such a huge difference and cleared over thirty bags of rubbish altogether. I’m so proud of this incredible group, they worked so hard, and are all so passionate. We accomplished so much in such a short time we have been together. Tonight to celebrate, we all watched the sunset on the rocks and enjoyed our last night on the island together. To make this trip extra special, we all were invited to an annual party, to be completely welcomed into the village, to dance the night away and enjoy our last night with the village in the traditional Cambodian way. What an amazing time we have all had, I feel so lucky to have been able to share such an incredible experience with such amazing human beings!

The whole gang watching our last sunset.

Olivia carrying cement blocks to the boat.

Cassidy with her finished and deployed coral pod, ready for fishes to move in.