Travel day to Koh Rong🌞

Hey guys!

Yesterday was a long travel day for Samantha and I! For the first part of our travel day we had to be ready for 6:30am to catch our six hour bus ride to Sihanoukville.

First ones on the bus! With a photobomber in the back lol

When we finally arrived to Sihanoukville we got on a tuk tuk and had them bring us to ROVs favorite cafe, Starfish. Samantha and I both indulged in our last western meal, chocolate banana pancakes! For the rest of the time we’ll be eating Khmer food, which is delicious but chocolate will be missed for sure. Definitely by Samantha…

Samantha with her plate fully finished! She even ate some spoonfuls of leftover chocolate 😂

after we finished lunch, we got on a local boat and began our voyage to the beautiful island! We sat on the roof of the boat with some other german sisters who were traveling to the island as well. We all got to watch the perfect sunset and get to know one another.

The boat was around two hours, bringing us to the island after dark. By the time we arrived we were so exhausted that we just ate dinner and went to bed early so we could be fully rested and ready for the next day!

Today, we just finished breakfast and now Samantha is beginning to read and answer questions in her Advanced Scuba book. The weather has been a bit crazy lately out here, so fingers crossed it gets better so we can get in the water soon as possible!


Wish us luck!



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