Twinkle, twinkle, little phytoplankton

How is it Sunday already? It feels like we just got to the island yesterday!

Thank the heaven for lazy Sundays, though – we were able to sleep in an hour for a late 8am breakfast, and enjoy the amazing weather this morning. There had been rain just before we woke up, chilling things down a bit with a great breeze… Definitely not Seattle-level rain or cold, but pretty chilled for Cambodian standards!

Before lunch-time, most of us set out on a hike across the island to a different beach about 45 minutes trekking distance away. It was a beautiful walk and a fantastic beach, but I’m 99% sure the only reason so many came along was for the WIFI the restaurant at the beach had! Hopefully you loved ones have heard from your dearests… The next time they’ll have wifi is Friday night! While at Nature Beach, we enjoyed card games, swimming, swinging, and especially the overhead showers we rinsed ourselves off with offered in the toilets! After doing bucket showers for a week straight, water pouring over my head felt like heaven, even though it was just to rinse the sand off.

The volunteers were too tuckered out for a bonfire after dinner, much to my chagrin. I was able to convince a few to come out night swimming with me since nobody had actually done that yet and it’s the only proper way to the bioluminescence.. We were NOT disappointed! Our experience tonight is difficult to describe – magical, surreal, ethereal are adjectives that come close, but I wish everyone could experience the twinkling and glowing for themselves! We stayed in the water for a while, each in our own little twinkling area, clapping and kicking our feet and experimenting to find the best way to make new underwater constellations. Definitely an experience unlike any other!

Tomorrow we start work again! We’re excited to try and get this water catchment’s roof finished by the end of the week, and doubly excited to hopefully receive our open water PADI certifications tomorrow!! WISH US LUCK!!



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