Under The Sea

Tuesday morning everyone awoke with excitement because it was to be our first day in the water. Advanced divers went first. Leona, Steffy, Jarnah, Tazia, Ollie, and Ava have to complete 5 specialty dives to complete their Advanced Open Water certification, and today we got through two of them.

The first was Peak Performance Bouyancy. This course/dive teaches how to control your Bouyancy with nothing but your breath. The second was underwater navigation. With only a compass in hand, teams of two had to navigate an straight line 30meters and back, a square (30 meters each side), and a triangle. While one volunteer utilized the compass the other counted kick cycles to measure distance. Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!

The open water volunteers started on the after noon. Mitch, Selina, Edward, Natasha, and Claire started with the basics (how to set up their SCUBA gear). Once they were ready they went off on their first dive. The first dive is all about learning how to use the equipment; getting past the strangeness of breathing under water and carrying a giant tank on your back.

While in land both groups went on a walking tour of our village and began work on our land project, building a water reservoir! This project will provide water to the village during the dry season, when they usually have to bring in water from the outside at great expense.

Our night was relaxing as we played games drank fruit shakes from one of the local shops.

Goodnight ,

John R

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