Under The Sea

Today was another beautiful day on the island. This morning we awoke to the sounds of the village coming to life as the sun rose over the bay, with chickens clucking and the sound of the village children playing.

We had breakfast and set out to start working on our diving skills for the learners and teaching for our trainers. Everybody then split the day between working at the village incinerator that burns all the trash and litter from the village, and working on the foundation of a new water reservoir for the village to use during the rainy season.
After some good fun we all sat down for lunch and recovered our strength to get ready for some more diving and village work!

We finished up our learner’s diving theory exams today, so now almost everyone is close to doing their open water dives as a licensed scuba diver! Hooray!
The sea life is amazing to see. The bottom has everything from clown fish to sea urchins, and all kinds of coral to see!

After dinner we all decided to head down to what the locals call Coconut Bay, which is a 15 minute walk from our bungalows. The beach is covered in coconut trees, white sand and blue waters, BUT NO TOURISTS!!! 😀 (Minus us, of course!)

Photos to come soon, but the internet here isn’t the best! But tomorrow we have an early day of dives to try and finish up everyone’s licenses, so it’s off to bed for me!

Smooth sailing!