Up One Volunteer

Today was pretty gosh darn busy! We picked up one volunteer from Sihanoukville. Ellie finally has joined us after getting to stay a few extra days shopping in Phenom Phen, thanks to the airline losing her luggage. But she has had a great time so far, and is excited to finally be on the island!DSCF3737

The teachers, today, met all the Khmer teachers on their “break time”. They then got to teach their first English class. As well as helping the divers to dig the trench for the water reservoir. The advanced divers today did their navigation dive. The visibility was perfect for it (and by that I mean just about none). The open water divers today got to learn more skills. They did the floating Buddha and lever for buoyancy tests, as well as learning to breath without a mask. And of course we got to play with the kids!

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