Water catchment project – sponsored by Reach Out Volunteers Charity


The island volunteers worked on this Reach Out Volunteers Charity project constructing a new water reservoir on the Island. This is a really important project as the village constantly runs out of water – often for a few months at a time. Due to this the villagers have to ship in containers of water, which is expensive and compounding rubbish disposal issues. The reservoirs will create a huge improvement in the quality of life for the islanders.

Water is an extremely important commodity in the village, and it’s amazing to see just how much water we use for daily ablutions but also how much can be captured in just a single storm! Jane, Team Leader, May 23 Blog


Our volunteers tirelessly dug the foundations of the water tanks, transported rocks to the foundations to mix with cement, built brick walls and cemented them in place. This involved a lot of hard work and muscle power. The hard and tireless work of the volunteers is described by Briana in the following blogs:


This morning we finished our work on the water reservoir foundation. We handpicked rocks from around the work site and hand laid them in the foundation and trenches. This will help to stabilize the foundation, and make it able to withstand more weathering and water pressure. We worked really hard, ..to finish the job! (June 13)


…we started to build the walls of the reservoir with bricks and cement. We mixed the cement on the ground by hand, hauled it over to the reservoir by hand, laid the bricks and cemented them…and you guessed it..it was done.by hand! There is really something to be gained from learning how to build things by hand…(June 18)


…This morning we hauled sand from the sand lot to the reservoir…again! Gosh does this foundation need a hole lot of sand! But its okay because it makes all the work after seem so much easier! This afternoon we finally finished hauling the cement sand, and then it was time to mix! We mixed 4 bags of sand, and laid bricks around the outside of the foundation. Its looking good, but not complete yet. (June 26)

We are starting to put the finishing touches on the water reservoir foundation. Sand was hauled into the foundation and packed down. Rocks were smoothed out and broken. And the trenches were filled in. After all that…we got to do some fun cement work! The outer and inner walls of the foundation were sealed with cement. A nice liberal coating was applied to seal in any cracks or air pockets. We are getting close…but there is still so much fun work ahead! (July 1)


We finished rendering some of the walls with water resistant cement. Others got to hand mix cement. And some worked on the foundation putting dry cement mix as the foundation top layer. We are expecting a monsoon this weekend, so the cement will mix and harden with all the rain! (July 2)

We finished up the rendering inside the completed water reservoir. We also finished up the dry cement mix on the reservoir foundation. We then solidified it by pouring some water over it. The only thing was…all our water tanks at the job site were dry…so volunteers had to walk to the police station to use their rain water. Oh man was it authentic hard work! But we did this all before lunch!
(July 3)


…we hauled SO MUCH SAND from the sand lot to the reservoir site for cement use. This took up the most effort and time. Lastly, we started to lay bricks on top of the foundation. We still have to set the foundation and do the final water proof coating. But we are getting there! (July 14)


So much hard work by many volunteers on this charity project.

It’s definitely not all swimming and diving on the island!


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