We are not trashy

We may not be trashy, but we sure did spend a lot of time with trash today! To mix up our day a bit, we took a break from brick laying and jumped into trashing. We go around and collect all the bins in town once/twice a week and dump them into the incinerator to burn. At the beginning of the season, the rubbish pile was massive and extended out to about where the gate is to contain the area. It was a mess. After all the groups have come in this season, though, we were able to diminish that pile to basically nothing! It is so exciting walking up and seeing an almost clean area to work with. We still divide up the plastic bottles, aluminum cans and the waste itself, but this was the very first time that the trash we collected was all that we burned today. With the higher ranking officials and the villagers starting to contribute to our cause, it has increased the awareness and care taken to abide by the trash rules. It’s a great accomplishment! DCIM100GOPRO

After lunch, we took a beautiful dive to a new reef that we haven’t been to yet. This was a clean up dive this time to find anything destructive to the reef and collect it to dispose of it properly. We saved coral from being choked by a plastic bag as well as cans, bottles, nets and all kinds of items. It was a very cool experience doing diving that was both fun with seeing the fish and reef but also productive. DCIM100GOPRODSC06310

We took some resting time this afternoon to chill and we made a nice little trip to sunset rock to watch the sunset. We also taught the kids english once again after dinner. They’re improving so much with their english! Then we hunkered down and played charades and another fun card game. Good times, good times. Tomorrow we deploy the reef pods and finish up all the work we’ve been doing!DSC06314 DSC06315 DSC06317

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