We are PADI certified!!!


Su sa day! (hello in khmer)

So unfortunately only one picture today, some days you get lucky with internet other days not so much. However today was such a wonderful day, but that’s easy to say when working in paradise. The morning started off just as  swimmingly as usual. Actually, one thing was different


drum roll please


WE’RE ALL NOW PADI CERTIFIED!! That’s really awesome! Cooper just needed to do his deep dive to finish off his advanced divers course, so we got a nice 45 min boat ride to various reefs. While he dove with Kylie The 5 of us dove with Rob and got to do a free dive on the a beautiful reef off the side of an island being able to swim down to 13 meters at some points.


When we get back we have a delicious lunch and get started on our coral reef pods. (pics on the way). Some of us collected cement, dirt, and rocks for mixing while others dug holes in the sand to act as a mold for our cement blocks that we’ll eventually attach the pods to. With the cement buried and needing to dry we took to our metal pods and began sanding all of the rust off.


We began sanding and sanded a little more, and when the sanding looked done…. we sanded some more! All the rust needs to be completely removed so that the sticky apoxy we put on the bars doesn’t fall off and gets a good holding for the coral to grow on.




Finally done and showered and so ready for dinner, Jasmin and Sara teach the children all about Australia. Where it’s at in relation to Cambodia and all kinds of animals from there as well.

Everyone is now hanging out and playing cards as a type this so a farewell and Joy moi (cheers) from us!

Also, If you would like me to pass on any comments to an yone on program, I am more than happy to do so! Just write your comments below 🙂