We made it!!

Hello friends and families! I hope you weren’t stressing about everyone making it here. Everyone is all accounted for, safe and sound. 🙂 We had some long flights and arrival days, but everyone was checked in and ready to sleep late last night. Then we picked up bright and early and jumped on a bus to Sihanoukville where we stopped at a lovely place for lunch called the Holy Cow. And Holy Cow was it delicious! DSC05969

With our bellies full and some high excitement, we took off on a boat ride where we were knocked around a bit by the waves, but it was fun laughing about our stomachs dropping every time we went over huge waves. It’s a good thing I introduced lots of fun games for the ride too or else it would’ve been really boring, right? I think they’ve caught on to my obsession with games so far. Where would we be without them though?

DSC05970Tonight, the villagers gave us a warm welcome and are getting settled in our house. Everyone is working tonight and tomorrow on the theory/book portion of getting their diving certificates. By tomorrow, that should be all out of the way and then we can get in the water!