Weekend on Koh Rong

Apologies for the lack of blog yesterday, Internet access can be rather fickle when you are on a remote island.


I’ll start with Friday:


As I wrote this on Friday night a village worth of kids looked on. We had just finished our second night of teaching English and the kids were eager to learn. We started off with the Abc’s, which nearly every kids knew from start to finish, and them moved into words and phrases about the beach. We are in the process of devising a lesson plan to sort out how we are going to advance our lessons for the rest of the program.

IMG_0703 IMG_0633

Earlier in the day we did some serious work cleaning up trash and then lighting our first fire in the incinerator. The incinerator was built by ROV nearly 2 years ago and has been making a huge difference in clearing away garbage that would have other wise just accumulated around the village and on the beaches.


Friday was also our first dive with out an instructor. We all got in the water next to the reef and using our new underwater navigation and buoyancy skills navigated though towers and coral and schools of fish. It was once of our best dives yet.



Today (Saturday) has been a bit of a holiday for the volunteers on Koh Rong. After a bit of a sleep in we headed off to a bungalow resort on the other side of the island. Right on a pristine beach we spent the day swimming, playing volleyball and general beach lounging.



As night fell we had a full on Khmer BBQ with all sorts of meat, along with some western touches (Potato salad). All in all it was an awesome way to spend our day off.




John R

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