Weekend Warriors

Finally, its the weekend! A relaxing day has been much needed after our work week. We started off by having a little sleep in…and by sleep in I mean we ate breakfast closer to 8am than 7am today.

This morning was kind of slow. It was quite rainy, so some napped, others played music, and some chatted or got iced coffees. Then, later this afternoon we headed to the tourist side of the island! Monkey Island, Koh Rong, is quite interesting. It is full of small bungalows and restaurants, as well as tourists practicing acts such as juggling or hula hooping. We walked down the length of the beach and immediately headed for the pizza beach side restaurant. We were all craving a little westernized grease. These pizzas are out of this world, fire roasted and organic ingredients…our mouths were watering! After that, we walked down to the pier. Some volunteers shopped, others got burgers (for “dessert”), and some sat at a cute little pub chatting. By the time we headed back home we were exhausted! What a fun filled day! IMG_5370