After a long and very eventful week of scuba diving, teaching classes, and working hard on the water en catchments, we got to oh so enjoy our time relaxing, playing, swimming, singing and all sorts of jive.

Saturday morning started off by getting a chance to sleep in, but still not too late as breakfast always starts at 7:45 am . Then we had a couple hours to enjoy around the village and at 10:30 we set off on boat for an adventurous day.


With a cooler full of drinks, snorkel gear for all and an assortment of soccer balls and volleyball we were set. About an hour boat ride to the beautiful Lonely Beach, we arrive and are met by palm trees, rope swings, a volleyball net, and the bluest waters perfect for swimming.

Lunch is found at the area restaurant and all volunteers getting a chance at western food again. Our afternoon is filled with card games, volleyball against the locals, snorkelling and floating for hours on end in the surf. Sadly it came to an end around 5 for the hour ride back to our village where food was awaiting. And what better way to end a day then to spend it playing cards and learning new games with fellow travellers till late at night.

All through out these projects and and even in our pier house we are always greeted by two of the most friendly and big-eared dopiest dogs this side of the gulf. Their names are Indie and Stand Lee and have easily become part of the team. Well, when we got up and got ready to leave for this days adventure Indie, a brown Dane and mastiff mix, made her way all 60 minutes of our walk to a gorgeous beach through the mountains of our island. She absolutely would not leave our sides. When we went swimming and hung out in the surf she just took turns hanging out in everyone’s arms. When we went for lunch she followed us from picnic table to picnic table until we settled upon a shady area with about 7 hammocks, what a perfect amount!

We even ran into a volunteer that had done a two week program on the mainland building a house and teaching in a school, so they all shared their stories until lunch was served. Now back to those hammocks, important because that’s where everyone rested their eyes for about an hour, including Indie. With some more swimming around and playing games we made the trek back all excited for dinner and the week that lies ahead!.

 Here are some photos of the weekend!


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