Well Dorothy, I guess we’re not in Kansas anymore

Hello world!

Cambodia Marine Conservation volunteers back atcha. The last few days have been interesting, to say the least. We’ve experienced some pretty crazy winds. In the last three days, we’ve only been able to get 5 of us in the water to complete dives due to the conditions. On top of that, the generator has been rickety causing power issues and the Internet has been spotty at best. But no fears! Spirits are as high as ever and we’ve been having an amazing time.

We FINALLY began work on our vegetable garden. The first day of work was brutal; we carried umpteen bags of bricks from the dock to the work site in a wagon that seemed to weigh more than the world. We then dig a perimeter for the garden, filled it with rocks, then MANUALLY mixed cement and filled it in. Our volunteers then went on the create an 8×6 metro area to house the garden, digging up and turning the entire area..ALL WITHIN ONE DAY! In fact, I was so impressed with there work that we spent the day today hiking to the other side of the island to explore ‘Nature Beach’. It took us about an hour of galavanting through the jungle to get there due to it being so remote, but it was beautiful. After a full day of food, drink, swimming and games, we arrived back in the village for dinner.

I wanted to surprise the volunteers with a fun evening for their hard work, so I split all 16 of them into teams of 4 for the first ever TRIVIA NIGHT! I haven’t had that much fun or laughed that much in a while, and I was genuinely surprised at how much these people knew about the most random of subjects!

We’re winding down the night now, hoping to get out on the boat for an island hopping tour tomorrow (if weather permits).

I SINCERELY APOLOGIZE for the lack in photos. The Internet hasn’t allowed uploads the last few days, but stay tuned for some smiling faces.

Good night every body, we’ll speak again soon 🙂

Much love,


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