Wet & Wild Wednesday

Today has certainly been eventful! We started out the day by having quite the storm around 5 am. We got to experience real monsoon weather…roof tiles were dispersed and everything was soaked. But that didnt damper our spirits…We still headed out to work in the village at 8 am. First we worked at the garbage depot and cleaned up all the garbage in the village. Then we sanded down 4 marine pods and added an apoxy coat to preserve them.


The winds prevailed all day, so unfortunately we could not go diving. So, after lunch we headed to the playground to repaint all the white wood pieces. We finished up the job pretty fast which of course meant that we had time for a paint fight! The dogs got some warrior paint, some of the kids were paint splattered, and we got covered. Way too much fun 🙂


We were determined to be productive today despite the weather…so we even hauled sand from the sandlot to the cementing area after our exhausting paint war. In the evening everyone took a quick swim at the beach, and then attempted to scrub all paint remains off. Tonight will be another night of competitive card playing, and much more fun will be had.

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