Work Week is O.V.E.R!

Oh my goodness…is it already the weekend?! Wow what a fast week! It feels like we just got on the island and into the swing of things! Well…regardless…it has been an absolutely amazing week. We are getting along with diving, working on our projects and making great head way, and having some fun too!

This morning two groups went out for a dive. The open water divers practiced some more skills and the advanced group went on a fun dive…some even saw and octopus and small bamboo shark! Too cool! The land work this morning consisted of finishing up the brick work on the water reservoir. We finished laying all the bricks, covered them with an outer layer of cement, and filled in the gaps with sand. Looks like a pretty strong foundation thats nearly done! Im very proud of the work that has been done on it so far 🙂


This afternoon the second open water divers went out to finish up some skills as well. As they dove, the rest of us made the cement feet that will be placed on the reef pods when they are installed. We dug 40 holes and filled each square hole with cement, then we installed rope handles and made an indent for the feet to go in. 40 cement feet down…only 40 to go next week! Now…we are ready for the weekend!


We have already had loads of fun in our free time! This evening a few volunteers played volleyball with and against some of the local boys. Others, went to the beach for some sun. And some stayed back, played pool, and hung out. So far so good! Bring on the weekend!