WOW its HOT Wednesday

It has been an absolute beautiful week here on the island! And it didnt even rain today! We started out the morning with another garbage clean up… you can never do too many with a bunch of dogs and kids running around! Then we all packed up our dive kits and headed to the boat. This morning had quite a low tide, so it took all our might to push our boat off the sand and deeper into the ocean. When we got off the beach… we had a great couple of dives! The open water divers went on a 7 meter dive off shore of Koh Rong Somlom, and the advanced divers went on their deep dive (28 meters) to Kasey’s reef! The current was a little strong, but visibility was miraculous!


After lunch we continued our work on the water reservoir. We have started to build the back two walls on the water reservoir foundation. We also lit a fire at the garbage depot, in the garbage incinerator. Well keep it going for a while to help burn off some rubbish. CANT BELIEVE TOMORROW IS OUR LAST DAY!

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