You Can’t Go Wrong on KOH RONG!


Greetings from paradise! Yesterday was another incredible day filled with happy kids, sandbags and lots of new certified divers!

We started off the day with some early dives and trash cleanup on the western beachfront.

After lunch we had our last groups finish their certifications, so now we can say we’re certified!

After lunch, Lou and I made the trek to coconut bay to get coconuts for everyone, which went over well! There’s nothing better than a fresh coconut on a hot day. What a great day!

Today unfortunately the winds were too high to head out for any clean-up dives, so we couldn’t take the boat out for reef clean-ups, so instead we decided to push hard on our work on the new water reservoir as hard as we could!

After a while, so much had been accomplished that we decided we could afford to take a hike to the other side of the island and indulge on some western luxuries, like running water and hamburgers!

Tomorrow we’re planning on kayaking, snorkeling, and just enjoying our weekend on the beach. Keep up to see what happens next!

Keep working!