2 days Combination

24 December 2017 blog
Hello village blog, this is Rameth, welcome back to myself for the village project this week. Well it is a bit late to post for arrival day yesterday. I am so sorry. So yesterday was very busy day for picking up the vols start from 8am to 11pm we arrived at the hotel about 12 pm. Finally we made it. For the arrival day I had took some of my vols to do a city tour walks a round the city and see the temple where the monks live and study we did this after we had lunch, after this we had free time untill dinner.

25 December 2017 happy marry Christmas 2017.
Today we meet up at 6:30am then we had the orientation about the plan which we gonna do for this week. Then I gave them a small gifts, for Christmas day. Yeah then we had breakfast then we went to the village foe the project. This week we are building a playground for kid at ROV cummunity school. We build these because we want to attack the kids, the kids like to play then study it is very hard to get then to school but we will be very easy when we can make them attractive then they will come to us.
What we had done today is mixing cements filled it up for hole of posts, making the wall, smooth the bamboo, sawing wood it was awesome. Then we played with kids we have a big party as school too. Afterward we arrived the hotel at 4:30pm then free time untill 6 for dinner upstair. After dinner here have Khmer language, it was funny by a done call Sorry by JB, It is too late now to say Somtos. Miss you more than just your body. Yes it is the tip to remember the word easily. Then we walk around the pupsrtreet to see the decorations for Christmas.

It’s a holiday in Cambodia — A happy Merry Christmas. This day was spent smoothing bamboo sticks, sawing, nailing, pouring cement, playing games with the children, and dancing the macarena. Jet lag couldn’t stop the festive celebrations. After hours of building the playground at the school, we joined the children for games of hot potato (balloon edition) and watermelon eating contests. Santa even joined in on the party — two Santas actually, complete with white beard, red suit, and two elf companions. All of this along with the excitement in the voices of the children shouting “happy Merry christmas” made this holiday one for the books. Was written by Tahlia.
Good night everyone!!!