2 days into our project!!!

Hi readers,

Today is the second day of our project – wow! It is really, really wonderful, we have met one goal of making the ground flat for the soccer field, you volunteers are awesome, my group of volunteers are amazing what more than I can say?!

2 toilets completely and 50% of the desks are finished but a lot more to go. We have done a lot of brick laying for the toilets, laying bricks is fun, mixing cement is hot work but we are killing it! Everyone is enjoying it so much.

We are making sure that the wood is nice and smooth using saws and chisels. Tomorrow we are gonna install some of the desks for the kids, we can’t wait to see it. When we finished the work we played and danced with the kids, it was so brilliant.

Today we had really delicious food with the fresh water. We walked straight through pub street. We tried, fried scorpions, crickets, and giant spiders!!!!! It was a first time experience for our volunteers, it was scary the first time but when we tasted it, it was fine. Yummy yummy!

Later on we all went to see the lady boys show and have foot massages it is really really fun.

To be continued!