Hey guys! I hope you’re just as pumped as I am for these upcoming programs, they’re going to be TOTALLY RADICAL!
My name is Elaura, I’m from the land of polar bears and igloos (Canada eh) and if you happen to be hopping over to the village immersion or elephant sanctuary projects you may see me out and about. I’ve previously travelled and volunteered throughout Australia, Europe, Africa and Central America. I love ANY kind of ice-cream, you’ll almost always see me with a latte in hand (iced, obviously) and in high school I was a championship wrestler. I love birds, I used to have two pet snakes and three days ago I ate a scorpion!
I will be team leading in and around Siem Reap, where we will be providing aid in developing communities by building houses for homeless families; or building community schools for underprivileged children. While making a MASSIVE difference you will also be having a blast and a half! We’ll be visiting Angkor Wat, riding bumper cars at a local carnival and shopping till you dropping at the night markets!
In this upcoming program you will see either myself or the lovely Damdin (aka D.D) picking you up at the airport. Damdin has been with Reach Out Volunteers for 6 years, and he is absolutely CRAZY (crazy fun). We will both be updating this blog every day with the funny stories and fabulous adventures that are sure to happen throughout the program.
I can’t wait to meet everyone and kick off this season with a BANG!
E dawg