Our last day before Elephants!







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We slept in this morning!!!! Woohoooo! We needed it. After breakfast, we all made a trip out to West Bray Lake. It’s the largest man maid body of water in the Angkor region. It was built around the 11th century, and when you look at it on a map, it’s almost a perfect rectangle. Pretty incredible how the Angkor people were able to build something so large and symmetrical. We lounged here in hammocks for a few hours. Some of us worked on our tan, while others splashed around in the water with some local kids.

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Once we were back in town, we went out for pizza! A nice change from the traditional Khmer fried rice and fried noodle dishes. It was a nice treat for everybody. In the afternoon, a few people decided to check out the floating villages out at Ton Le Sap Lake. They took a half hour tuk tuk ride to a river where they hopped on a boat and journey’d towards the open lake. Once there, the boat could not continue as the water too shallow because we are at the end of the dry season. Many villagers were bustling around in their fishing boats, it was a real treat to see how these people live and work on the lake. Alex and Dan even had a chance to hold a Python from a family passing by in a boat!

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Tomorrow we head out to the elephant Sanctuary!! Please start checking the Elephant blog, as I will continue writing about our adventures with this group of volunteers over on that blog.



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