Hats off to volunteers!

More than half the week is already over.

It is good to see the group starting to get along so well, it is always something amazing to see. These people from all over the world becoming really close friends within such a short time because they share that mutual need to help others. Their ability to give and work to improve the lives of those less fortunate is something awe inspiring to see. It is also something that brings them extremely close to each with such a short time frame.

Today we continued our work on the house. We’ve pretty much finished the frame of the house and are now finishing the work on the foundations by laying brick and moving dirt. The others were working on sanding the wood that will eventually become the walls and door of the new house.

At lunch a lot of us got to playing cards with a game called president. It was tempting to stay playing cards but we managed to get back to the work and make phenomenal progress.

In the evening most of the volunteers went out to a local Yoga class led by a thai instructor. They found it both invigorating and unbelievably relaxing.

Now we’re all trying to have an early night before we get up bright and early for the glorious sun rise at Ankor Wat.


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