icecream, scorpion and tarantula!

Hey guys! E Dawg here, first day on the project site was AMAZING! Everyone worked their butts off and we’ve already accomplished so much in 1 day! After breakfast we got to take a tour around a local community school that ROV has been volunteering at for the past few years. All the volunteers got to see the amazing work that we’ve done in the past.
Afterwards we drove to another community school that right now only consists of one single classroom. Our project this week is building them a brand new classroom! We got right to work and everyone was eager to start. We got to use fancy bamboo slicing tools and take some “squad goals” pics.
Lunch was delicious, cooked right in front of us by the local village women. A few volunteers were able to help chop some vegetables and fry some eggs for everyone. Ching-ang! (Delicious!)
We got a nice long lunch break to get ourselves out of the heat for a bit and then jumped right back to work. Before we went home we had already gotten the framework up, faaaaabulous!!!
Back at the hotel everyone showered their stink off and relaxed in the pool, Damdin may or may not have been pushed in…We had a delicious dinner out at a local restaurant and everyone had some traditional Khmer Amok, served in a coconut! We explored the night markets afterwards and sampled some of the quirky local food like fried icecream, dried fruits, scorpion and tarantula! Yum Yum Yum. Everyone worked super hard today so we’re off to bed now!