Hi all!
It’s Celeste here in charge of blog duty for today! 😃

Today was a super busy day at the school for us. After having another amazing breakfast of eggs and toast we headed to the school via Tuk Tuk, aka the greatest transportation of all time! (Not sure why the USA doesn’t have these if we’re being honest) We all worked our butts off to get as much done as we could today as it was our second to last day before our week here is done! We sanded, we painted so much I’m sure we’re all beginning to get tired of our hands turning red, the boys sawed some wood, and we began to chisel it as well! All of the hard work we’ve been doing this week is beginning to come together as tomorrow we will finish our wood work and then begin to build the dormitory we’ve been working toward all week. Everyone and I are so so excited to see everything start coming into place as it means soon the dormitory will be up & will help students who live too far have a place close to school to stay.

We also had a bit of a relaxing night after family dinner as we got MASSAGES!! (Thanks Papa Dom)
After our massages we got to see a wonderful show of Siem Riep’s very own Lady Boys! Our very own Cody even got pulled up on to stage, maybe a little bit fondled, and got taught some (not so good) Khmer!

Just got back to the hotel, and have a big last day at the school tomorrow so bed time it is.
Goodnight everyone!



Sawing party