May 29 on the project site is a guest blog post by the one and only Marky Mark!
Day 2 working on our project was quite eventful. Bright and early the group was divided into groups for the different tasks on the project site. For most of the day I was in charge of brick laying and I have to say for future employers potentially reading this I’d recommend not hiring me. Amelia on the other hand was very efficient and honestly should receive some brick laying nobel peace prize. You rock girl.
Later in the morning a small piglet joined our worksite and succumbed to many satisfying belly rubs. I wish I become that piglet in my later life.

We ate a delicious lunch cooked by the local villagers. Fish Amok, rice, and sweet pineapple soothed our souls and continued to back up our intestines.
After lunch we continued work on the project uneventfully except for Hamza’s foot almost becoming annihilated by a wooden bar. He was totally fine after he finally told someone a wooden bar was crushing his foot.

After our days work on the project, we finished with the volunteer student soccer game. Today’s game ended with a tie and I personally blame Hamza on the Cambodians last minute goal as he was quite distracted. To say the least Hamza should not take up soccer as a profession in any capacity.

Once back at the hotel after a long  days work, volunteers had the opportunity to explore the Old Markets. I personally ate a dragon fruit for the first time mostly because I needed some fibre.
After the Old Markets volunteers met up and headed to dinner at Khmer Taste. It was very tasty.

Tonight we have the opportunity to see the Art Markets and I’m very excited about that, I consider myself to be quite the Ar-tist. I’m kidding I can barely write my name legibly.

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Cheers from Day 3!