party timeeeee

Our last day today altogether in the village. And what a day it was. We arrived at the school to start the bricklaying for the fence. And we were ready to mix that cement.

Socheatha, Lyana and Ross mixing the sand and cement

Once we moved the sand, cement and water and mixed it all up by hand, we divided it into buckets and started creating the fence. It was great to work together to create the brick fence. We laid as many bricks as we could with the amount of cement mixed, and once that was done we got a little surprise.

Ross hard at work

Chhaiky and the children had organised a beautiful ceremony for us to say goodbye and give us gifts. It was so cute to listen to them sing us songs, and then each child individually brought us up a handmade card and a handmade bracelet.

Lyana giving thanks for her bracelets and cards

We all enjoyed a little dance party afterwards and it was so great to spend a bit more time with the children as a last little goodbye.

Socheatha doing the chicken dance with the children

Then it was lunchtime and we all enjoyed our last meal together in the village while we played card games and relaxed in the heat. Once lunch was over it was back to work. More cement mixing and more bricklaying. We al then had one more last ceremony with all the kindergartners, and wow, were they soooo cute! After their little dances and cuddles, we all painted our handprints on the finished classroom as a last goodbye to the school. It was such a great week, and it just flew by! Its an incredible experience though to leave behind a blue handprint as part of that school forever!

The gang in front of the finished classroom

Saying our goodbyes to he entire school

Then it was time to head back as we had an early dinner organised together and then headed to the circus!! It was so great to watch these performers flip across the stage, and to learn from their pasts and where they have been. What an awesome day, and it just kept getting better and better.