A cold Cambodian day.

The volunteers were out there working hard in the cooler weather (which is still ridiculously hot, but cold for Cambodian weather.) and they took advantage of it by really putting their back into it to get the work done. It makes you really proud to see the work that the volunteers were doing and with the enthusiasm in which they were doing it. We made a lot of progress on the fence and the foundations for the garden that we were working on yesterday.


Zac and Gabby were building the wall with the help of the principal So Phara.


The girls hard at work moving the dirt to make the vegetable garden in the rear of the school. In clockwise from the top left – Jade, Ariel, Claudia, Lexi and Kayla.


Some of the volunteers got involved with teaching the children English in the classroom. This photo is of Emily doing just that!


Once we finished the work at the school we headed back for a much needed dip in the pool before a language lesson in Khmer led by Team Leader Domdin. From the front going clockwise – Nicole, (Not positive but) Riley?, Kayla, Jade, Zac and Claudia.

After that we went to a new Restaurant called Nye and explored some of the night markets where the volunteers learnt how to haggle. Some were naturals at it, while others were a little too generous when they bought their items.

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