A day off!

For those of us going to the Elephant sanctuary tomorrow we all had a day off, a time to explore what this unbelievable country has to offer. They all joined me for a long drive out to this amazing waterfall known as Phnom Kulen. It’s one of the most sacred sites in Cambodia, being of huge importance to Hindu’s, Buddhist’s and Cambodian’s in general as it was the birth place of the ancient Khmer Empire.

After the long drive out there we visited the temple before heading down to the waterfall itself. Here the Volunteers were able to jump in the water, cool off and have a great time although the water held a little surprise. It is the home to the small fish that like to nibble on the your feet while they clean them, it caught a lot of the volunteers by surprise.

Still today was a great day!

(I can’t seem to upload photos from my go pro at the moment so I’m going to have to use older photos until I manage to sort it out!)

At night we had our final meal before we head out to the sanctuary tomorrow and a lot of people took advantage to stock up on snacks or their last massage before our week away with the elephants.

For those of you following the volunteers that are headed to the elephant sanctuary, this is the link for the Elephant Blog


Village immersion/Teachers –

The weekend! It is the weekend day today. Both teachers and village immersions went to a cooking class. After we had breakfast at our accommodation we had a chance go to a cooking class. It was so much fun with all foods at that place. We had three different foods and one desert at the end of the class.

The first food was chicken banana flower salad. The second food was Sam Lor Kor Kuor (green vegetable soup). The third food was chicken Amok and last one desert was sweet banana. It was so good to cook and eat our own foods. We can’t believe that we can cook with the local foods. Foods were so good. Everyone one really enjoy with this class. One of a girls (Lucy) said this one the best part in this trip.

After we finished a class we had a free time to hand out at hotel until dinner. We went to a very nice pizza place for dinner. It was to so good. The pizza there was so great. We love it and we might come back to this place before we’re leaving. After we had dinner some of them back to hotel and some hang out for shopping and get some drink. Tomorrow both groups are going to the waterfall. We are so excited. Good night!

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