A fab old first day in the village! Let’s build a house!!!

Howdy from Siem Reap!

We’re very sorry that we’ve been delayed a blog day! Yesterday we received volunteers from all over the world and the meet and greets were so exciting that we ran out of time for the blog!

But we promise to be on time from here on in and we can’t wait to share our photos and stories with you all!

Today we jumped straight into the project! It was so exciting! We had all of the new volunteers tour the entire village this morning and the returning volunteers from last week got stuck into the project at hand!

Rach and Samantha prepare a plank for sanding!IMG_1439Amy and Richard pass the floor boards up to the house!
Esther, Polly, Lisa, Lauren, and Beth paint the wall panels!IMG_1438
Sydney fills up her tin of paint!IMG_1436Sam and Anthony helped up on the house in the blistering heat!
IMG_1447Azim, Amy, and Richard sanding the floor boards!
Sam and Monique have a giggle!

The new volunteers (Anthony, Samantha (Florida), Sam (Melbourne), Amy, Lauren, Azim, Richard, Sydney, Rachel, and Monique!) were the ones to experience the village this morning. They ventured across the plains of rice, the plantations of bok choy, the herds of cows and so much more! It was an amazing thing to be able to learn more about the people we’ve all come here to help.

At lunch we headed to the school and cooked lunch with the students. The food was epic! We had pumpkin, soup, rice, rice, rice, rice, beef, omelette, vegetables and more rice. But we enjoyed every bite and we’re excited to learn a new dish tomorrow!

This afternoon we sanded the planks of wood for the floor boards, painted the walls a deep red (which is a sacred colour within the buddhist culture), and hammered the frame of the house. We’re looking forward to finishing the house by Friday so it’s full steam ahead!
Stay tuned for the blog tomorrow, and enjoy the piccies! Polly the volunteer has a few words to say below about her experience today!

School introductions!

School IntroductionsIMG_1431
Lunch housesIMG_1432 IMG_1433
Group orientation!


Sports with the volunteers and students this afternoon!IMG_1451
Traditional Apsara lessons with the children!IMG_1450
Art class with Beth and Rachel!IMG_1449
Anthony always stealing the spot light!

Today we had an amazing day meeting our new team members! We travelled into the village and the oldies (AKA Sam, Beth, Lisa, Esther and I) began work ASAP at the school while everyone else began their orientation around the village! We cooked lunch with the local people and students from the school…it was delicious!!! Except from Richard’s burnt omelette… that was not so great… but he’s got a whole week to practice!
We ventured into the work site after lunch and began working on the house…it was amazing for me to see such a transformation between my first week and now! Its evident the last group worked very hard to achieve their goals!

Everyone worked really hard and we are now on our way to dinner at Siem Reap Cuisine….YUM! Everyone is looking forward to a fantastic day tomorrow!

Sweet dreams from Cambodia!    Ps. Hi mum – From Polly 🙂

Polly (Pollen), Beth (Bess), Esther (Ether), Lisa (Lizard), Sam (Sam)