A house and frame!

Whoa we’ve managed to make so much progress in such a short time!

Today the volunteers got a little bit of sleep in but it wasn’t long before we were off to KID TEA school and the house project. Today we picked up where we left off, working on the frame of the house, strengthening the foundations of the school by shifting dirt into the necessary areas (Oh there is so much dirt to move!) and getting down to sanding all the wood that will eventually become a part of the house we’re building.

This is solidly hard work and it is so amazing seeing the volunteers diving into it with a passion and enthusiasm that makes these people an absolute pleasure to be around! Plus we are so far ahead of schedule, it’s a little ridiculous. At this rate we’re going to finish the week planned worth of work by tomorrow, which is a little exciting!

After we finished our work at the school, we retreated back to the hotel for a couple hours of free time where the volunteers went exploring Siem Reap, jumping into the pool to cool off or catching up on some sleep before dinner.

After dinner, we went to the Lady Boy show. It is where volunteers receive massages while they watch the live Lady Boys get up and lip sync their way through classic and popular current songs. It’s a very different but super enjoyable experience.

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Teacher’s blog.


Day 16, over half way and now it’s starting to feel a bit more like home. Headed to school on our own today, just the five teachers, the tuk-tuk ride seems to get shorter every day. Amanda and I worked on verbs today with our class to follow the work we have been doing with nouns and adjectives, which the kids are doing really well with.

All the teachers are beginning to get to know our kids now, so we have decided to decorate our classes before we leave next week. Amanda did a fun abstract art alphabet project with our morning class and our afternoon class that loves to draw did some animal pictures and labelled them. Whilst Jeans classes worked on hand prints and large alphabet letters. After school we booked our “Flight of the gibbon” (zip lining through Angkor park) for Thursday, which we are all looking forward too. Then we had a break before we headed off to dinner and round two of the lady by show before heading home for bed.

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