A Most Incredible Day!

The sun was out. Work to be done and what an amazing time we had today!



Emily running the morning routine of handwashing and teeth brushing!

Our incredible teachers were doing their usual fantastic work running their various primary classes from the early morning as we arrived at the School to start our 2nd full day as a team.


Karen with her class

We got stuck into our building work straight away with everyone pulling together to finish the sanding and start work on the digging and carrying of dirt for the foundations.


Getting that sanding done!


Valerie and Hannah sawing


Jade and Ronelle getting their digging done


Clare carrying dirt with a local schoolgirl

Many of the children joined in to help us, it was so fantastic to be working together as they found out about our lives, and us learning about them.

It was then time for lunch as we all separated into our different groups, keen for a great meal after the hard mornings work.


Lunch was a full house!

After lunch we continued on with our hard work rotating between building and activities with the kids.


Brittney making a friend


Amy and Bree getting a hose down to cool off

At the end of the day the inspiring director of the school Sambath played around with us all spraying everyone who came near him with a hose. After the fun had finished Sambath shared his story and vision for the school with everyone. His hard work and determination is astounding and touched everyone within the group.

A most incredible day!