A Public Holiday


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Peter Jowett

Today is a special day in Cambodia. On this day 88 years ago the Kings mother was born and so today was a public holiday in Cambodia. The Students had off from school and that gave them the time to join us for the days projects.

In morning we broke off into our usually groups. The first went back to the construction site to continue work on the vocational center, while the second stayed at the school for some school work and gardening. They Also Danced… a lot.




Ready for a hard day's work

Ready for a hard day’s work

Dance Class

Dance Class

We made some serious progress at the vocational center. The walls are finished, most of the roof is up, and the the floor is about half way there. With some luck the project will be complete by Friday!

Our ride

Our ride

Roof top chillen

Roof top chillen

IMG_4544 IMG_4567

We had a bit of a late start for lunch because the second groups and all the students surprised us at the construction site to get their first look at our work. All of us joined in breaking ground on a set of new community gardens at the site.


In the afternoon we celebrated the Queen Mother’s birthday at the local state school. They were holding a fundraiser to pay for an expansion project. The volunteers were excited to get involved. We paraded with the students of the school as they donated their funds to the school.



Cambodian fund raising

Cambodian fund raising

IMG_4610 IMG_4600

Following the school we returned the construction site one last to get in one more hour or work before heading home. Every village had their own little patch of land on the site and continued to plant everything from banana trees to flowers. We also got about 65% done with the vocational center’s roof. We are so excited to see the final results of our work. Its almost there!

IMG_4643 IMG_4654


Tomorrow the volunteers will be visiting the ancient temples of Angkor Wat; Surely it will be an experience they will not soon forget.