A rainy day and Ankor Wat!

We all got up super early to catch the sunrise, with the hopes of catching the same sights the previous groups had seen like this.



But this was not the case, the clouds never broke for us.




Luckily the volunteers quickly got over the disappointment and appreciated the temples for their unbelievable majesty. Temples built between 700-1500 years ago, with such intricate detail into every little piece of stone and the scope! It is breathtaking stuff!


Towards midday as we visited Ankor Thom and the Bayon temple with the many faces of Buddha.



Finally we visited the Lara Croft, Tomb Raider Temple of Te Prohm. It is one of the only temples in which it is being left how it was found, overgrown by the forest. It is an amazing sight!




Once we got back and had lunch it was free time until dinner. After Dinner we went to the Lady boy show, where the volunteers got to watch the lady boys (some very convincingly dressed as woman! Others . . . not as much.) as they mimed their way through classics songs and with a  little playful banter had the volunteers laughing along with them.


(I forgot my camera so I’ll have to grab a few photos off the volunteers tomorrow and upload them then!)


Now we’re getting ready for our final day at the school where we will finish our tasks and have a farewell celebration with the students and teachers before the weekend.

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