A sad farewell to an amazing adventure!

Hey there! Sorry for the lateness of this post, unfortunately I’ve had some troubles with photo uploading 🙁 as soon as I can, the photos will be up!! And they are amazing trust me!

Our last day was spent at the village, finishing off the house and hanging with the kids! It was a hot day but everyone put in the hard yards and by lunch time we were close to finishing! Iced coffees and milos were drunk, siestas had and reminiscing about our two weeks together discussed. It was an overall consensus that the two weeks flew by way to fast and we would all miss each other so much!

After lunch it was straight back into to finish everything off! And we did. And it was awesome. And I am extremely proud of every single volunteer! The house looked great and the kids were already in there playing and having fun. Now all there was to do was sit back, relax, admire our handy work and most importantly DANCE! The kids love to dance here, both the boys and girls, and the dances we learnt all week definitely came in handy!

Dinner was served and we got to eat it while watching some if the high school kids do traditional Cambodian dancing. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was even better! As we all knew it had to come to an end sometime, and we all stood in a big circle while the speeches were delivered. Each volunteer was given a bracelet with their name on it and a traditional scarf. Everyone got to say a few words and so did many of the students. The night was finished off with everyone (volunteers, teachers, students and community members) holding hands and singing the song imagine by John Lennon. It was a very touching moment standing in a field in the heart of Cambodia holding a locals hand singing a song about peace and unity. Some teary goodbyes were had and it was time to head back into town.

Once back in town the volunteers organised a dress up party for Josh’s birthday and a delicious chocolate cake was had as well.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone who was here. You make my job a delight and I hope you have all taken away something special from your experiences as well as falkeb in love with Cambodia. I sincerely hope our paths will cross again down the line. So no goodbyes today, instead…

Until next time

~ Jess