A snakey ending

Hey hey it’s Derm again. Today we finished the roof, did heaps and heaps and heaps of rendering which meant a ridiculous amount of cement mixing but gee wizz wowee did we enjoy it. 

We also started another part of the roof which meant a lot of bamboo cutting and hammering of tin 🙂 

Thats all the jobs, very brief I know, but we are doing an amazing job and I’m super proud. Check out the photos for some progress shots. 

After we finished our building we went back to the school, played games with the kids and had a great time as always. Such beautiful, kind hearted children 🙂

After dinner we went for a little shop at the art markets and then nibbled on some scorpions, tarantulas, and snakes ahhhhh. Yummy kinda ish haha

That’s all folks,