A whole lot of awesome!

Wowza! We made a ton of progress today! Both groups were driven by some super volunteer force and went at it with all their might. Domdin and I did a little swticheroo today with groups, so I went with the village immersioners and he went with my village and elephant group. Here are the updates 🙂

Tara’s daily updates: 

Today we began by painting more wood planks and beams and continuing our rock breaking work. It rocked! There was definitely an art to splitting rocks, but also a very good way to take out your anger on something. We also started putting up some of the outside walls. DSC06372DSC06379DSC06380DSC06383

We had two special birthdays today with Adele and Emily. They were spoiled with many birthday songs that started at 7am this morning. The teachers also prepared for all the kids to sing them happy birthday in a circle on the soccer field before lunch.DSC06386

After a beautiful set up for lunch, we jumped right back into work. We finished one wall completely and powered through another one. The second wall took a bit longer because we had to measure and saw the roof portion while standing on support beams up high. Another group worked hard on the floor arranging and stamping in rocks to the sand. We then mixed to dry cement together with sand and poured it all over the floor. After that, we dumped water and spread it evenly across. Our floor and two walls are completed!! How exciting! DSC06395DSC06401

This evening we all gathered for Domdin to teach a Khmer language lesson. They learned some basic phrases, words, numbers and common questions/answers. Now they’re all fluent in Khmer of course! The evening brought even more birthday fun because everyone pitched in to buy a cake and presented it to the girls before dinner. They deserved to be spoiled on their birthdays! Tomorrow we’re going off in all kinds of directions, but as always, there is lots of fun to be had. Till then 🙂

Domdin’s Updates: 

It was the same every day today. Everyone had breakfast at 7am in the morning and then we took tuk tuk to the village. When we arrived at the village, three of our group do the different thing. The first group was making dirt level for the floor. Our second group was making the floor with tiles. And also our third group was helping the make the pulls up on concrete pulls in order to build the frame of the school. Everyone worked very hard under the sun. After one and half hours we had a short water break and then we swopped the group around.20150120_15311220150120_14243620150120_143649

The time was over and then we had a lunch break and relax. When we finished a good lunch, some of us played chess and clapping game.20150120_10062120150120_090006

After a lunch break and relaxed, everyone went back to work again. We worked really hard. It was the same job in the morning. We were doing floor and made the pulls on the concrete pulls. The end of the day, we got a really good job because we had finished sawing and cutting pulls and put all on concrete pulls. And we almost finish with the floor. They did so much work on the tiles and improved on it so much. They definitely got the hang of it today and completed a really large portion of the floor. They also got the majority of the frame done too!!

Update from Jess and Nick at Kid Tea School:

Sues’ day Everybody, Jess and Nick again ! Today is Tuesday the 20th of January 2015 and we are back at KID TEA: Kids and Teen Education Association. We arrived at 8 this morning and jumped straight into teaching. The focus of todays lesson was furniture – naming, spelling and placing different types of furniture. Then incorporated our lesson into a game of simon says ‘simon says stand in front of the chair’ – this activity was a bit hit! After this I moved into the library to assist students with their reading and Nick stayed in the classroom to teach guitar. We broke for lunch at 11 then continued to build like bob the builder 🙂 

Update from BFOK teachers: 

Today at B.F.O.K. we celebrated 2 birthdays! Adele, a teacher, turned 23 and Emily, a builder, turned 22. Teachers taught their students the Happy Birthday song and surprised the birthday girls with party hats and singing. For lunch we had cookies as treats, and doughnut “cakes” for the birthday girls.

Lilian and Georgie’s class had fun playing games to help students learn their shapes better. Kame, Amity, Emily, Adele, and Madison are working on “All About Me” books in their classes and both students and teachers are loving them! Today’s page was “I am ___ years old.” Tomorrow’s will be “my favorite toy is___.”

After a Khmer lesson taught by Domdin, everyone met in the lobby to sing Happy Birthday one more time, and at dinner we got to eat the yummy cake! All in all, it was another successful and happy day in Cambodia. Sabai sabai!



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