Adventurous volunteers

Hello Hello,

Today blog will very awesome. At the project site we had done lots thing. We fished a roof top for a toilet, break lay out for a foundation, filling up dirt and sand. This is a great job that everyone work so hard with their smiles and focuse to their jobs. In the morning we mixed cement for a foundation and our building put roof top. After we had had came back to project site and put dirt and sand in a foundation. When we finished from our project site we went to school played soccer and game with children in the school.

After we came back for the school it was our free time until dinner. We had a really nice dinner. We we to try a street foods. We ate snake, spider and crickets. It was okay but we really brave ourselves that we could tried those things. We also went to The Art market for shopping and looking for some thing that we need. Then we went back home for bed. So, thanks for following my blog.


Brick lay out

Lily helping to take sand fill in bucket

Sand and dirt filling

Bella eating snake

Bella and DD eating spider