All Good Things Must Come to an End

As I sit here in Phnom Penh I can hardly believe it’s all over.

All the volunteers have flown home or moved onto their next adventures around South East Asia. It has been and absolutely amazing and life changing experience.


Renay, Jancy, Emily, Karen, Lily and Sue arriving for their last day teaching

Our final day was very bittersweet. We worked through the morning finishing the painting and digging for the foundations. All the while soaking up our surroundings trying to make the most of our final day at the Village.


Brittney, Clare, Ronelle, Amy and Bree with their friends

We had lunch with the High school kids for the last time, they make lunchtime so great with their willingness to do extra learning, cook and joke around.


Karen, Lily and Jade helping prepare lunch

After lunch it was time to put up the framework for the house. This was a job that needed everyone working together as we lifted the heavy framework onto its concrete posts.


One frame up, two to go!


Job well done!

After lunch it was time for celebrations as we spent our time playing sport, drawing, dancing and talking with all the beautiful kids.


Eve and Bree planting a banana tree for good luck


Getting their dance on!


Clare, Amy and Dahlia with their Elephant drawing

As day turned to evening we started a large dance party then said goodbye to the young children as everyone held hands and sung ‘Imagine-John Lennon’. It was a beautiful moment which brought many to tears.

The Students then put on a dinner for us and a traditional coconut dance as entertainment. After this it was time for our thank you speeches as everyone took turns to express what their time at the Village had meant to them.

Everyone was completely humbled as the students then gave each of us a beautiful scarf and a bracelet with our name.


Jade with her thank you

It truly is hard to convey through words or even pictures what a special place the Village is and Cambodia as a whole. As a group we have learnt so much about ourselves, our interactions with others as well as what is truly important in life.

I will miss everyone from the Village dearly, they are an amazing community that we will forever be a part of.

So that’s goodbye from me.

I will miss each and everyone of the amazing volunteers who made up our team. All brought so many amazing qualities to the group, it was an absolute pleasure to spend the last two weeks making a difference with them each day.

Thanks to all who have followed the blog each day and commented, hopefully many of you will be inspired to come to Cambodia in the near future.

Much Love